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We aim to invest in a few companies per year. Here is a selection of the companies we hold shares in.

OxTS makes inertial and GPS navigation systems for R&D of automotive manufacturers, survey systems and robotic guidance. We started OxTS from scratch and Ecrin is now the shareholder of this successful and autonomous business.

Mujo leads the world in fitness and post-surgery rehabilitation equipment. Advanced gym equipment works on multiple (not single) joint axes to fully exercise all joint muscles. iPad software instructs patients, gathers trainer/physiotherapist data and reports outcome for NHS subcontracting. More efficient for the athlete, patient, trainer, physiotherapists and bean-counters.

Promethean Particles are developing plant-scale manufactuing of nano-particles in solution. With capacities of up to 100 tons per year, this novel approach avoids problems of suspending dry powder in solution as well as giving excellent control of particle size. Consultancy, development, commissioning and licensing for on-site plants.

Cumulus Energy Storage (CES) aims to be the leading manufacturer and developer of grid-level energy storage batteries with the lowest levelised cost of energy (LCOE) globally. CES has taken the bold and visionary step of combining a 200 year old technology from one industry, with technology from two other industrial-scale processes, to create a disruptive opportunity – electricity super-storage – using patent granted technology in the form of a low-cost grid-scale rechargeable Copper/Zinc battery.

Skin Analytics is developing melanoma cancer screening using a smartphone app with regulatory approval as a class 2 medical device. Using a low cost, high clarity, dermoscopic lens and sophisticated computer vision the service aims to exceed the accuracy of professional dermatologists. Ideal for consumers, general practitioners and health insurance companies the app provides fast screening in minutes followed by longer term monitoring for increased accuracy.

Filisia Interfaces develops products and software to help people with disabilities learn and interact. Their first product, Cosmo, focuses on training using interactive music and games. Simple touch-sensitive pads use light to engage and excite patients while apps provide music and other stimulation. Therapists and special educators can select exercises that help improve cognitive, communication and motor abilities. Progress reports show improvements in physical and cognitive abilities.

Filisia interfaces develops devices for learning and therapy that help people of all ages and abilities communicate, play and learn effectively and enjoyably.
Our first product, Cosmo, supports the access and training of people with disabilities via interactive music making and gamified training software modules. It consists of modular, sensor-based devices and a software platform with sound, colour, light and music interactions. Therapists and special educators can select among exercises that help improve cognitive, communication and motor deficits. Cosmo is fully customisable to the needs and abilities of each client and also reports data on their physical and cognitive abilities

Gooseberry Planet specialises in school courses to teach effective internet safety. The off-the-shelf package includes games for children to learn from. Teachers benefit from a comprehensive resource with e-safety lesson plans, simple workbooks, vivid presentations and classroom posters. Parents are encouraged to get engaged and be part of their children’s learning journeys. Focused on the PSHE market niche, Gooseberry Planet aims to complement e-learning courses that concentrate on the core curriculum.

The Electrospinning Company designs, develops and manufactures clinical-grade electrospun biomaterials, including a material used in the first FDA-approved medical device to incorporate such electrospun materials. The company aims to be the leading supplier of medical electrospun materials in the growing $10 billion biomaterials market.

Elemendar automates the processing of cyber threat intelligence, to help organizations better defend themselves against cyber threats and to improve the lives of cyber defenders.

Kluster is a revenue analytics platform that enables B2B companies to beat their sales targets with predictability. The platform allows users to forecast, analyse historic data, flag and inspect deals in the pipeline, and reverse engineer KPIs to beat target. In a world where software is dominating the stock markets and wider economy, Kluster will own the playbook for companies to grow revenue from startup to IPO and beyond.

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